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Would you like to organize an active company outing? Then you are definitely in the right place at Fun Center Amstelveel, located in Amstelveen. With our activities, you are guaranteed to succeed in having a great company party in North Holland. In addition, you also work on better team building this way. This is how you get to know your colleagues in a different way! This does good relations with one another and it promotes the team's work performance. So having a fun day together by organizing an active company outing is a good investment!

Organizing an active company outing or corporate party

Organize an active company outing easily at our amusement center. Check out the different group activities we offer and choose your favorite. A combo assortment is also a possibility, as is using our various facilities, including a restaurant and bar. This makes it easy to put together the ideal corporate party for your team or department. Organizing an active company outing or corporate party with us, always succeeds. Because of our wide range of activities, there is sure to be a suitable component for you and your colleagues. Rent a party location for a blast or explore one of the other many options.

Do you want to organize an active company outing to remember? We offer several active day activities for an unforgettable corporate event:

With our activities, you are guaranteed a top day.

Organize the most fun outing for your company

Would you like to organize an active company outing and a nice company drink at Fun Center Amstelveen? Then check out our corporate party offerings and choose your favorite activity(s). You can organize a corporate event by calling us or booking online. Hope to welcome you and your party soon at our beautiful location with ample parking.

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