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Fun Center Amstelveen In Corona Time

Trampoline jumping, laser gaming and indoor golf are not entirely without risk. An injury is easily sustained, and especially when you follow safety requirements (rules) at the park, in does not observe the arena or in the simulator. The trampoline park was built by Sidijk BV of Heerenveen.

Our staff provides adequate supervision on and around the trampolines. A supervisor is always present during the trampoline park’s opening hours to observe safety and provide the necessary tips and tricks.

– Jumping is done at your own risk
– One person per trampoline
– Stay in the center of the trampoline
– Climbing on the (sloping) walls is prohibited – In the foam tank do not dive
– No running, fighting and/or tackling
– Double somersaults are prohibited
– Jumping is done barefoot or on grip socks

Be aware and accept that particepating trampoline jumping, laser gaming and indoor golf can result in accidents and injuries. Fun Center Amstelveen (Jumpers Vof) is not liable for any accidents and resulting damages, injuries, wounds or harm.

General terms and conditions apply to all activities.

Health and Safety:

Jumping on a trampoline burns a lot of calories. In America, Canada and Australia, trampoline jumping is considered a true fitness craze. Trampoline jumping promotes, among other things:
– Strength increase in your leg muscles
– Improved overall fitness
– Good coordination
– Is stress relieving
– Strengthens your core (abdominal muscles and lower back)
– Good blood circulation
– Provides relaxation through exertion


Trampolining is not without risk. Make sure that you yourself or as an attendant always observe safety. Sweaters Indoor ensures that a supervisor is always present in or around the arena. If you notice any danger yourself, please notify one of our staff members immediately. Jumping is done at your own risk, but we try to make everyone aware of the risks. Before entering the arena, read the Jumpers Rules! Jump SAFE!

Sweaters Rules:
– Jumping is done on Jumpsocken. (Available from us for €2 per pair.)
– Jumping is at your own risk
– Wear easy-fitting clothing, no sharp edges on belts
– Do not climb on the sloping walls
– Rest on the island – Double somersaults are not allowed
– In the foam pit one person at a time per lane – One Jumper per trampoline
– Be gentle to each other and help each other where necessary
– Jump Safe

Opening hours:

Zondag t/m Donderdag: 10:30– 18:00 uur 

Vrijdag en Zaterdag: 10:30– 22:00 uur

ALL NIGHT LONG start om 19:00tot 22:00 uur

Kerstavond tot 16.30 uur

1ste kerstdag 12.00 tot 17.00 uur

2de kerstdag van 12.00 tot 17.00 uur

Oudjaarsavond tot 17.00 uur

Nieuwjaarsdag 12.00 tot 17.00 uur

NB. Buiten reguliere openingstijden op aanvraag!

020 – 44 11 400

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